House of Solas

Solas is a clothing brand that aims to be the global representation of all lifestyles and subcultures within Britain

through our clothing and campaigns. Solas takes the normal, mundane Britain that is often forgotten and finds the extraordinary within it. We seek to expose Britain, not just for its large city life but for the overlooked and undiscovered. Small towns, rural environments, countryside upbringings and youth culture have all influenced British heritage in an important, unique and often forgotten way.


Who is true Britain?

Created from media built stereotypes, the middle/ average/ regular/ ordinary British citizen and their life is pigeonholed worldwide, with swathes of Britain falling victim to misrepresentation. We aim to bring light to youth culture from all regions and societal classes, using their stories, experiences and day to night life as an incomparable inspiration to authentically show the world this country. These stories are relatable and familiar, yet unique in their telling. We aim to shed light on Britain as a whole without forgetting ‘average’, middle Britain, that is intriguing to those that don’t know it and nostalgic to those that do.

Sustainability is one of our core values,

we want to create fashionable, artistic and interesting collections that blend luxury with contemporary fashion, but do so in a way that does not damage our planet. We make our collections as environmentally friendly as possible, using recycled fabrics, ocean plastics and organic materials. We also ensure that the factories we work with perform best practice and do not exploit their employees. It is of the utmost importance to us that everyone involved in Solas is treated respectfully and fairly.

Solas is an inclusive brand that cares deeply about those who belong to its family and we endeavour to consistently create iconic, unique, luxury pieces that respect the culture we represent and the world we live in.